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Watson & Associates, LLC is a full service government contracts law and consulting firm that also helps small businesses and large DOD contractors refine and strategically submit federal government proposals. Our team of sophisticated and dedicated government proposal writers offers more than just the day-to-day template approaches used by other proposal writing services. We understand what it takes to win government contracts. Our consultants bring very detailed approaches to companies of any size or industry that are serious about increasing revenues.

Our clients rely on our government proposal writers to help them develop focused approaches. We make it possible for our clients to win and compete in the fierce federal procurement market place in addition to being aware of the technical proposal writing nuances in government contracts. Our approach is unique in that our consultants, lawyers and writers combine their vast experiences to help our clients avoid the most costly mistakes seen in our bid protest practice, implement proposal writing strategies based upon our three-plus decades of actual government contracting and source selection experience, and provide compelling writing that complies with government RFP requirements.

Government Proposal Writing Services

Proposal writing for government contracts takes a unique approach to  convincing the government that you can solve its problem. Contractors today have a more difficult time submitting winning proposals and are losing more contracts. Without information on award trends and recent agency source selection strategies, many government proposal writing efforts continue to miss the mark. Reasons why most government proposals fail include: failure to write strong and competitive technical proposals, weak management approaches, properly demonstrating a thorough understanding of  the Statement of Work and ultimately failing the meet the best value sought by government contracting agencies.

  • Current statistics show that agencies are requiring more LPTA proposals
  • Bid protest data shows that agencies are developing unique evaluation strategies to determine best value
  • Understand that the government does not, and does not have to tell you every detail about its Source Selection Evaluation plan.

With a thorough understanding of the procurement and source selection guidelines, the government proposal writers at Watson & Associates help businesses across the United States and overseas to overcome some of the most costly mistakes seen when responding to government Requests for Proposal (RFP).

Professional Services

Our government proposal consultants offer a broad array of bid preparations services. With over three decades in federal procurement; actually serving on proposal source selection committees, our federal proposal writing team guides you through the various aspects of effectively learning how to write a government proposal. Our services include:

  • A-Z government proposal writing services beginning with a thorough interview with your principal contact and then an in-depth review of the RFP you are bidding on;
  • Professional writing, editing, formatting and review of your proposal;
  • Technical proposal writing based on the specifications and requirements of the RFP;
  • Pre and Post Bid RFP consulting services;
  • Teaming and subcontracting approaches;
  • Applying strategic past performances;
  • Propose a thorough understanding of RFP requirements (this aspect is heavily scrutinized in evaluations;)
  • Proposal management, coordination and oversight;
  • Help based on over three decades in federal government procurement.

Free Initial Consultation    Flat Rates    Team With Over 30 Years of Contracting Experience.

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Learn about…

At Watson & Associates, we can increase your probability of award by:

  • Helping you develop a winning strategy based on the actual contents of the government’s RFP requirements.
  • Developing proposal management concepts that set internal deadlines and ultimately meets the agency’s submission date.
  • Introducing sound compliance matrices to prevent your proposal from being thrown out by the government.
  • Helping you to develop proposal formats that comply government RFP responses.
  • Overcoming technical proposal writing mistakes 
  • Offering substantive legal review by experienced government contract attorneys
  • Explaining and implementing strategies that overcome past performance hurdles and ultimately increase your technical proposal scores.
  • Helping to effectively use teaming partners and subcontractors.
  • Implement a winning approach, but also with the important goal of withstanding a bid protest – other government proposal writers miss this part.

We offer federal proposal writing tips for large businesses across the country. Given the high-value of federal bids sought by large businesses, our consultants provide in-depth guidance that incorporates the commonly seen mistakes in large government proposals. We help clients narrow the fine points that can make the difference in high-profile RFPs.

We see these technical proposal writing mistakes on a daily basis and incorporate solutions into our proposal writing services. For large companies, our consulting team also serves as a central proposal location for large companies to:

  • Train their internal proposal writers on current requirements and trends,
  • Avoid the most common proposal writing mistakes seen today in high-profile litigation, and
  • Implement technical proposal formats, processes and outlines that pave the way to success.

Government proposal writing for small business pose serious challenges. This is especially true in full and open bids. Our proposal consultants understand the issues arising from submitting weak technical proposal and management approaches.

At Watson, our consultants specialize in providing full-service help with proposal writing guidelines and avoiding costly mistakes with teaming agreements and hiring incumbent personnel.

  •  Avoid bidding consequences submitting a proposal that cannot withstand a bid protest or size appeal.
  • Write government proposals under the watchful eyes of lawyers who litigate these matters on a daily basis
  • Our proposal consultants develop proposal writing ideas that lead to larger contracts
  • Avoid common pitfalls when teaming with other companies; and combat deadly weapons used by agencies in technical evaluations.

Write Competitive Government Technical Proposals

The GAO and other courts are filled with bid protest cases where companies lose the contract due to weak or non-compliant technical proposals. Our government proposal writing consultants enable you develop your bid in a way that outlines to the agency how you will resolve its problem. Know how write a technical proposal can make or break your chances of winning.

Our government contract consultants help you minimize the risk of losing a bid protest after award by:

We look at strategies to help you effectively use teaming partners to reach larger projects, provide effective proposals with required small business subcontracting plans, and become more competitive in best-value solicitations as well as lowest-priced-technically acceptable bids.

Free Initial Consultation: Speak with our Government Proposal Consultants Today – 1 866-601-5518.

Answer Common Government Proposal Writing Questions…

Past performance is one of the most highly rated proposal evaluation factors for the source selection team.  Our federal proposal writing professionals empower you to strengthen past performance responses  to increase evaluation scores.

  • How does the agency rate government proposals?
  • How do create value in my technical proposal?
  • What can I do to make sure that my staffing plan is adequate?

relevancy and complexity are the two primary factors that the government evaluates. We can show you the strategies and ideas that minimize the impact of a lower score.

  • Tip:Did you know that in federal proposals, an agency may attribute the experience or past performance of a parent or affiliated company of an offeror where the firm’s proposal demonstrates that the resources of the parent or affiliate will affect the performance of the offeror?
One of the unique capabilities offered by our government proposal writing consultants is the input from attorneys who are involved in bid protest litigation on a daily basis. Our competitors cannot offer this level of proposal writing help.

Our lawyers and proposal writing consultants have seen many proposals awards stripped away in bid protests. We help you avoid this daunting result.

  • Our federal proposal consultants understand government contract law
  • Our experience sitting on source selection teams for the federal government, help you respond to RFPs in a way that minimizes the chance of losing the award in a bid protest.
  • Tip: Did you know that an agency may not ignore contract performance by an offeror involving the same agency, the same services, and the same contracting officer, simply because an agency official fails to complete the necessary assessments or paperwork?
  • Tip: Did you know that a solicitation defect apparent on the face of the solicitation must be protested prior to the time set for receipt of initial proposals or quotations?

Your response to a government request for proposal must meet the basic compliance requirements as stated in the solicitation. If not, you will be automatically thrown out.

  1. Proposal outlines: Our professional government proposal writers see first-hand the common mistakes made by small businesses and even large DOD contractors. We ensure that your proposal outline mirrors the agency’s expectations and that a sound compliance matrix is in place from the onset.
  2. Technical proposal format: A common mistake made in federal proposals is omitting the required format set by the agency.  Our consultants help you to avoid these types of basic mistakes.
  3. Best value approaches: Your government proposal only meets the final pile when the agency sees value. Although best value can be reached by evaluating your technical proposal and past performance, successful winners introduce unique offerings. The agency may be willing to pay a higher premium for this added value.
  4. Proposal topics: Although the agency sets the format for you to follow, our government proposal consultants show you how to inject topics that actually get the attention of government contracting agencies. Writing a winning government proposal also means outshining the competition by adding value without additional costs.

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Our federal government proposal writers can help you regardless of where your business is located or where the target project is located.

Watson & Associates is home to many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies that seek high-level government proposal writers and consultants. We help contractors in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


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