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The Federal Government Proposal writers at Watson & Associates, LLC help small businesses and large DOD contractors across the country to solidify their proposal writing strategies and increase their chances of getting meaningful consideration for award. See Our Proposal Services page for more details.

  • A-Z Technical Proposal Writing
  • Editing, Critique and Review
  • Task Orders, LPTA, and FAR 15 Negotiate Bids
  • Past Performance Consulting;
  • Subcontracting Plans
  • Construction bids
  • Services Contracts
  • Performance-based contract proposals

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Our government proposal consultants understand, from actual experience working for contracting agencies and conducting actual source selections, that bidding is very competitive. We have seen the costly mistakes when actually sifting through bids and comparing them to the solicitation’s stated evaluation criteria. We help companies to write stronger and more competitive technical proposals; develop stronger staffing approaches, and ultimately focus on minimizing the government’s risk of non-performance. Understanding the key strategies to writing a proposal for government contracts is something we study on a continuous basis. We help clients by helping them in the following critical areas when writing a government proposal:

  • Developing critical compliance matrices that focus on proposals not being thrown out as non-compliant
  • Improving government proposal writing strategies when using teaming agreements or key subcontractors to reach larger government projects

As Federal Government proposal writing consultants, and one of the top consulting firms for government bids, our goal is to help your federal RFP bids to adjust to the recent trend is lowest priced technically acceptable evaluation proposals.In addition, our consulting team focuses on writing to get higher scores in technical and non-priced subfactors, decreasing technical proposal weaknesses while increasing strengths. This is where most government proposals fail.

Over 30 Years Experience in Government Contracting and Procurement Bidding

government proposal writing consultants

At Watson & Associates, we use our 30 plus years of government contracting experience,and sitting on source selection teams to help our clients to successfully write winning federal proposals and better understand the proposal development process. Our proposal writers and consultants also understand the difficulties that government contractors face.

Not only do we consult with small and large business clients in writing winning proposals, but we also monitor publicized GAO decisions for trends and agency source selection strategies. This helps our clients to better understand the various nuances regarding acceptable federal government proposal writing best practices.

Our government proposal writing consultants help contractors to extract their strengths while uncovering their technical weaknesses before the government agency does. We also offer regular government proposal writing classes, a robust library of articles on our blog, and one-on-one legal counsel on compliance clauses within the solicitation. You will find Watson & Associates’ technical proposal consulting team to be an invaluable asset to the government contract and proposal bidding work you do.

Understand From Experts How Agencies Evaluate Your Proposals

Writing a proposal for federal projects means having a clear understanding of agencies evaluate your technical proposal since they tend to have the most heavily weighted evaluation scores. You must also adapt your proposal writing strategies to align your company with recent source selection techniques. For example, you must be able to distinguish how to write a government contract proposal that is evaluated as a lowest priced technically acceptable bid versus a negotiated proposal under 15 with applicable factors and subfactors. Technical proposal writers that do not apply these critical nuances will more than likely not help you to get the evaluation scores you seek. This is where Watson’s government proposal writing consulting services soar above our competitors. Learn about Formal Proposal Presentation Tips.

If your company is experiencing reduction in getting more awards, you may want to adopt different government proposal writing and development strategies. Government contracting agencies are now publicizing more solicitations based on

Overcome Hurdles With Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable Proposals

Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable evaluation criteria and performance-based contracts. Agencies are also developing new evaluation strategies that allow them to assign more weaknesses in your technical proposal. This is especially true with lowest priced technically acceptable government bids. When reasonably related to the solicitation’s evaluation criteria, your technical proposal writing efforts stand a chance of getting more strengths than weaknesses in your technical approach. This is where our government proposal writing consultants soar above the competition.




Free initial consultations. Flat rates available. Call 1 866-601-5518.

Professional Government Proposal Writing & RFP Consulting Services

With more than 30 years of experience in federal procurement, and regarded as one of the top consulting firms, our proposal writers and proposal development consultants offer a wide array of preparation services and will guide you through the process of effectively writing a proposal for federal government bids.

Our federal government proposal writing services include:

    • A-Z proposal preparation services beginning with a thorough interview
    • An in-depth review each government RFP
    • Professional writing, editing, formatting and review of your proposal
    • Competitive technical proposals based on the specifications and requirements of the RFP
    • Pre- and Post-Bid RFP consulting services
    • Teaming and subcontracting bidding approaches
    • Applying strategic past performance proposal writing approaches
    • Proposing a thorough understanding of RFP requirements
  • Proposal management, coordination and oversight

At Watson & Associates, we can increase your probability of award by:

    • Developing a winning strategy based on the content of the government’s RFP requirements
    • Setting internal deadlines to meet the agency’s proposal submission date
    • Introducing sound compliance matrices to prevent your government bids from being discarded by the government
    • Offering substantive legal review by experienced government contract attorneys
    • Explaining and implementing government proposal writing and development strategies to overcome past performance hurdles and increasing your technical proposal scores
    • Helping you effectively use teaming partners and subcontractors when writing a proposal
  • Government proposal writing strategies to withstand a potential bid protest. Note that we cannot use protective order information to give our clients an unfair advantage in the procurement process

Access to in-depth guidance will help you avoid common and costly mistakes when writing a proposal. Let Watson & Associates’ government proposal writers assist you in narrowing down your specific ideas and perfecting the language within an RFP response.

Government Proposal Writing Strategies for Large companies

For large companies, our government proposal writing consulting team also serves as a point of contact to:

    • Train government proposal writers on current strategies and trends


    • Avoid costly mistakes most commonly found in high-profile litigation


  • Implement technical proposal formats, processes and outlines

Government Proposal Development for Small Businesses

Small businesses encounter serious challenges with full and open government proposals because of tough competition from larger contractors’ bids. At Watson & Associates, our government proposal writers and proposal development consulting team specialize in providing full-service help to small businesses in order to avoid costly mistakes and to

    • Avoid consequences of writing a proposal that cannot withstand a bid protest or size appeal


    • Bypassing common pitfalls when teaming with other government contractors


    • Combat deadly elimination strategies used by agencies in technical proposal evaluations


  • Develop proven federal government proposal writing ideas that lead to larger contracts

Competitive Government Technical Proposals

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) and other courts are filled with bid protest cases due to companies submitting weak or noncompliant technical proposals. Our consultants will guide you through the proper steps of submitting a bid that outlines how you propose to solve an agency’s problem.

Our government contract consultants help you minimize the risk of losing a bid protest by:

Our consultants will also help you effectively use teaming partners to reach larger projects, provide effective proposals with required small business subcontracting plans, and become more competitive in best-value solicitations as well as lowest-priced-technically (LPT) acceptable bids.

Common Government Proposal Writing Questions

Past performance is one of the most highly rated proposal evaluation factors for the source selection team. Our federal proposal writing professionals empower you to strengthen past performance responses in order to increase evaluation scores. Here are just a few common questions our consultants can answer:

  • How does the agency rate government proposals?
  • How do I create value in my technical proposal?
  • What can I do to make sure that my staffing plan is adequate?

Your response to a government request for proposal (RFP) must meet the basic compliance requirements as stated in the solicitation, or it will automatically be thrown out. Once requirements are met, relevancy and complexity become the two primary factors that the government evaluates. We will show you the strategies and ideas that minimize the impact of a lower score.

Our lawyers and proposal writing consultants have seen many proposals awards stripped away in bid protests. We help you avoid this daunting result by our experience sitting on source selection teams for the federal government and our understanding of government contract law.

Government contract proposal

At Watson & Associates, our perspective in government contract proposal writing comes from attorneys who are involved in bid protest litigation on a daily basis, which is something other proposal writing firms cannot offer.

  1. Proposal outlines: Our government proposal writers see first-hand the common mistakes made by small businesses and even large DOD contractors. We ensure that your proposal outline mirrors the agency’s expectations and that a sound compliance matrix is in place from the onset.
  2. Technical proposal format: A common mistake made in federal proposals is omitting the required format set by the agency. Our consultants help you avoid these basic mistakes.
  3. Best value approaches: Your government proposal only reaches the final pile when the agency sees value. Although best value can be reached by evaluating your technical proposal and past performance, successful proposals introduce unique offerings. The agency may also be willing to pay a higher premium for this added value.
  4. Proposal topics: Although the agency sets the format for you to follow, our government proposal consultants show you how to inject topics that actually get the attention of government contracting agencies. Writing a winning government proposal also means outshining the competition by adding value without additional costs. (This information is good – although just another rendition of what has been stated over and over – but we need to find a place for it. Under “Common Questions” is not the place. I considered placing it under “Technical Proposals.”)

Writing an important government proposal or need effective proposal writing training for an upcoming government contract? Trust our expertise and increase your chances of winning government bids and expanding your revenue base. Call us toll free at (866) 601-5518 for immediate help

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Our federal government proposal writers assist national and international contractors regardless of business or project location. Watson & Associates is home to many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies that seek high-level government proposal writers and consultants.

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