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Government Proposal Writing Consulting Services

Over 30 Years of Experience in Government Contract Procurement Bidding. Call 1-8666-601-5518.

Getting a clear understanding of each government proposal’s requirements and being able to capture the source selecting team’s attention is the starting point for responding to federal bids. Writing a responsive but technically superior bid is the key element of getting higher scores and ultimately getting the award.

  • Developing strong technical approaches, management proposals, and addressing each aspect of the RFP requirements are essential.
  • Failure to any of these main points will almost guarantee a losing proposal.

We help by:

  • Developing technical content that demonstrates your understanding of the government’s requirements;
  • Writing a proposal that focuses on your technical approach and management approach. This is where contractors miss critical evaluation points;
  • Showing how to gain strengths that can lead to higher best value and trade-off results. This is important even if your price is higher.

With over 30 years of actual government contracting experience, and serving on various source selection boards for the federal government, our proposal writing consultants and lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC provide high-level strategies and direction to help small businesses and larger DOD contractors to increase their chances of writing a winning proposal. Our goal is to increase clients’ technical proposal strengths and overcome any perceived weaknesses that they have.

Complete Government Proposal Writing Services

The Federal Government Proposal writers at Watson & Associates, LLC help small businesses and large DOD contractors across the country to solidify their proposal writing strategies and increase their chances of getting meaningful consideration for award.

  • A-Z Technical Proposal Writing;
  • Editing, Critique and Review;
  • Proposal development;
  • Compliance evaluations;
  • Red Team review;
  • Task Orders, LPTA, and FAR 15 Negotiated Bids;
  • Past Performance Consulting;
  • Subcontracting Plans;
  • Construction proposals;
  • Services Contracts; and
  • Performance-based contract proposals.

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Our Clients Come From Various Industry Groups

Watson’s government proposal writers serve small and large businesses through the U.S. and overseas. They come from various industry groups including Information Technology (IT), professional services, medical, real estate, aerospace and aviation, construction and engineering, transportation and others. With a success rate of 72.7% in 2015, we pride our efforts when we help contractors to adopt acceptable federal government proposal writing best practices.

We help Contractors to Overcome Some of the Most Costly Mistakes in Government Proposal Writing

The Agency generally awards to one bidder. We help companies to target that goal. From years of government contracting experience and practice, we have seen companies lose government bids through common mistakes in their proposal writing strategies. Our government proposal writers help you to:

  • Learn how to write proposals that address the agency’s problem;
  • Implement stronger technical proposal writing skills
  • Avoiding past performance evaluation landmines and focusing on relevancy, size and complexity;
  • Developing critical compliance matrices that focus on proposals not being thrown out as non-compliant;
  • Improving government proposal writing strategies when using teaming agreements or key subcontractors to reach larger government projects.

Writing an important government proposal or need effective proposal writing training for an upcoming government contract? Trust our expertise and increase your chances of winning government bids and expanding your revenue base. Call us toll free at (866) 601-5518 for immediate help

Our federal government proposal writers assist national and international contractors regardless of business or project location. Watson & Associates is home to many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies that seek high-level government proposal writers and consultants.